“I have been shaped in more than one way by your courses. They are a foundation not only for my writing but also my attitude and stand in life and beyond. So yes you have contributed significantly to shaping my voice. And what I mean by that – shaping my voice –  I’d better go explore in a WRITE of my own!” Jacinta Hin (Tokyo, Japan, August 2016)

“I didn’t really know what to expect (of the course), but I feel it had more breadth and depth than expected. It was a bit of an adventure – exploring writing, and myself.” Jane Noyes (Spittlefield, Perthshire) July, 2016


“This was a lovely experience I would recommend to those of you who like to write, might like to write more – or differently – or just wonder what writing could ‘do for you’ if you did it with some direction! In particular, I found the (Proprioceptive) WRITE ritual and its limit of 25 minutes deeply empowering. Check it out and get in touch with the rather amazing Angela.” Wendy Birse (Balbeggie, Perthshire) July, 2016


“Ten out of ten for Level 1, Initiation, of Drawing on the Writer Within. The course has opened my mind to a new way of thinking, escaping from negative thought processes and feeling trapped by ingrained habitual thoughts pulling me down. I can now see a way forward, a way to grow, express myself, fulfil my creative goals and feel more positive. I’ve enjoyed it far more than I ever thought I would.” Kelly MacIntyre (Essendy, Perthshire) April, 2016


“What three elements of the course have benefitted me most? Recognising my own voice. Accepting my own voice. Realising that I can write to order if I have to. As to why I gave it only nine marks out of ten, I feel it would have even better with a few more participants. Having said this, it was wonderful working with Kelly, and we are both looking forward to Level 2, Exploration, in the autumn.” Marion Duffy (Alyth, Perthshire) April, 2016


“PW (Proprioceptive Writing) has been a revelation to me. Thank you for introducing me to it and making the experience enjoyable and illuminating.” Marion Duffy (Alyth, Perthshire) – one half of the novel writing duo Mirren Jones  2014


“I found DOTWW’s first level course enlightening. It helped me discover a voice, my voice. I found that Angela was able to give me a confidence about writing that I never imagined having. In her direct and friendly way she gave me feedback that has really helped me move forward; she made me think at more depth about what I am doing.”  June Fettes (Perth, Scotland) March, 2013


“I can’t put into words how much the course meant to me and how great it was to have the space to learn so much more about myself and I thank you for that.” Anastasia Foster (Scone, Perthshire) March, 2013


“Angela’s course could also be called Writing Yourself Awake!” Karen Downie (Pitlochry, Perthshire) 2013


“The last eight weeks have been extremely stimulating and encouraging. A very worthwhile experience.” Edith Cormack (Birnam, Perthshire) March, 2013


“Learning the skill of proprioceptive writing has been life-giving. Whether in times or joy or confusion, aridity or abundance PW helps bypass the ego, allowing me to ask what needs asking, and never failing to leave me in a better state of soul. Angela is a talented guide and challenging companion; she walks the walk, never asking a question she wouldn’t be prepared to ask herself. She teaches the work so that others can claim their own truth and come to wholeness.” Anne Buhrmann (Falkirk, Stirlingshire) 2013


“I can recommend DOTWW to anyone who would like to start or restart their writing, but doesn’t know how to. Angela’s methods helped me as a person (and a writer) to become braver and clearer about the messy patterns in my head. I began her course feeling that I wanted to be healed; by the end of the first few lessons, I realised that I wanted to be a writer.” Alison Gray (Glasgow, Scotland, formerly Tokyo) 2012

JAPAN (2006-2012)

“Angela has been a thoughtful guide who provided good advice in all sorts of matters that went well beyond the writing. She does not feel like a teacher but more like a friend whom I have known for a long time. Namaste! Friends for life!” Alena Eckelman (Germany-Wakayama, Japan)- travel writer, tour guide

“Thank you for the moment of peace amidst all that going on last Saturday! There’s something magical about being able to get together with a group if people you just met, but still being comfortable enough to open and share.” Robyn Minako Tsuji (US-Tokyo) – art therapist (THIS WAS AFTER THE LAST WRITES SESSION IN ZUSHI AHEAD OF ANGELA LEAVING JAPAN IN OCTOBER 2012)  

“There is something magical about the organic process of this course.” Carolyn Hashimoto (Scotland-Tokyo-Scotland) – reporter 

“Angela puts an enormous amount of time and effort into her classes. Margaret Grant (Ireland-Tokyo-Portugal) – teacher 

“The workshop  brought about the actualisation – a setting in stone as it were – that I am a writer.” Dawn Tattershall (UK-Tokyo-UK)

“Angela is not only a teacher, she is a leader. She leads participants to find their inner voice, and put that voice to paper.” Richard Carpenter (US-Tokyo) – teacher/poet

“Allowing myself to let my thoughts flow freely has deepened my ability to focus on an idea, concept or scene.” Winnie Shiraishi (US-Numazu, Japan) – teacher

“Through PW “writes” and other exercises, I was amazed to rediscover how much joy there is in writing, how much satisfaction.” Sophie Hardach (Germany, UK) – novelist

“DOTWW exceeded my every expectation.” Jonathon Sherr (US-Tokyo) – actor

“I highly recommend DOTWW to build a solid foundation for and